AFO Documentation Requirements
Ambulatory AFO/KAFO
1. Specify in detail the weakness or deformity of the foot & ankle
2. Specify in detail how the patient will benefit functionally
3. Prefabricated or custom? WHY? Custom criteria listed below:
  • Unable to be fit with a prefab, or,
  • Expected use is permanent or more than 6 months, or,
  • Need to control the knee, ankle or foot in more than one plane, or,
  • Has a neurological, circulatory, or orthopedic condition requiring custom fabricated over a model to prevent tissue injury, or,
  • Has a healing fracture which lacks normal anatomical integrity or proportions
Non Ambulatory AFOs (static or dynamic positional)
Criteria 1-3 or 4 must be met & documented:
1. Non fixed plantar flexion contracture
2. Contracture interferes with functional abilities
3. Used as a component of a therapy program which includes active stretching of involved muscles & tendons
4. Has plantar fasciitis

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