Dynamic Bracing Solutions


Update: Northern Care is no longer providing DBS services for new patients. If you are interested in pursuing DBS, please contact:     
Dynamic Bracing Solutions
Phone Number: 760-814-8475. 
Email: info@dynamicbracingsolutions.net
Address: 6092 Innovation Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009
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Northern Care's Doug Jack is one of a handful of trained clinicians worldwide with the skills and knowledge to provide Dynamic Bracing Solutions (DBS) Triplanar ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). For many of our patients, this cutting-edge bracing technology has resulted in increased energy, the ability to walk longer distances, the capacity to walk on uneven terrain, and the possibility of hiking or running.


Dynamic Bracing Solutions, Carlsbad CA specializes in determining gait inefficiencies, complicated by joint malalignments (foot, ankle, knee and hip) and neuromuscular weakness. Doug Jack, CPO, of Northern Care has been under the tutelage of Marmaduke Loke (owner and developer of Dynamic Bracing Solutions) since 2010.

Current conventional polypropylene AFO/KAFOs (Ankle Foot Orthosis/Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis) designs are barely adequate. These are the same AFO designs that we have been offering patients for the past 50-60 years. Patients with neuromuscular disorders are being grossly underserved by old technology.
  • Dynamic Bracing Solutions, Carlsbad CA
  • Dynamic Bracing Solutions, Carlsbad CA
  • Dynamic Bracing Solutions, Carlsbad CA
In prosthetics (artificial limbs), advancements in technology and materials have been constant. Conversely in orthotics, technology for AFOs and KAFOs has remained virtually unchanged. Dynamic Bracing Solutions offers advanced bracing technologies that enable neuromuscular patients much improved function, faster walking speeds, standing and walking stability, and reduce joint deterioration, amongst other benefits. Conventional AFO designs do not control the alignment of the foot and ankle in all three cardinal planes during the stance phase of gait (when your foot and ankle are supporting your body weight). This results in insecurity. 

Conventional AFO designs are mostly swing phase devices functioning to pick the toe up so the foot doesn’t catch on the floor (which increases the risk of a fall). Dynamic Bracing Solutions AFO/KAFOs stabilize the foot and ankle in a biomechanically efficient alignment during the stance phase of gait (when we depend on the extremity to support our body weight) and pick the toe up during the swing phase of gait. This restores the person’s foundation, giving them new-found trust in the foot, ankle, and knee. In neuromuscular patients, muscles that are overworked are compensating for ones that don’t contract with the needed intensity or perhaps at the right time during the gait cycle. These muscles can burn out from overuse, resulting in fatigue, instability, and falls.

Dynamic Bracing Solutions AFO/KAFO technology is referred to as triplanar, meaning that it controls the foot and ankle in all three planes: three dimensional. In doing so, it compensates for muscles in the lower leg that are incapable of doing so because of neuromuscular weakness.

Imagine the anxiety and fear one must feel knowing that their foundation (foot and ankle) is not secure. Neuromuscular patients are clinging to a thread of hope that there is something out there to enable better function. For many, Dynamic Bracing Solutions advanced technologies is the answer that can enable efficient walking, hands free standing, and security.
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