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    Baby wears a SmartSoc for 3D image capturing


Northern Care is proud to be the only provider of cranial remolding helmets in the Flathead Valley and surrounding counties. 

Our Stan Gautier, CPO, has been fitting babies with helmets for 15 years and has a very good success rate. He fits helmets to infants of 3-18 months with diagnoses including plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly and other head shape deformities. Helmets are usually prescribed after unsuccessful attempts at “tummy time” and repositioning during physical therapy.

SmartSoc Technology

Northern Care has been using the SmartSoc 3D scanning since October 2015 to create our custom cranial remolding helmets with great success! 

SmartSoc is a 3D image capturing system that allows us to transform 2D images into accurate 3D digital models. The 3D models are instantly transmitted to Orthomerica, an FDA approved manufacturer, for quick fabrication of a custom helmet. This fast turnaround time results in reduced likelihood of the cranial deformity changing before the helmet is fit, which in turn means a more accurate fitting helmet and better cranial symmetry results.

Stan was proficient with the old method of taking impressions of the baby's head with plaster casting, but the process was messy and stressful for baby and parents. SmartSoc technology offers us a new, more precise way to provide cranial remolding helmets and ensure the best care for your baby.
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