James S.


James S.

In 1994, James S. survived a spectacular bulldozer accident with his life, but the price he paid was dear. James was operating a bulldozer in the forest when it rolled, taking him along as it plummeted over a 60 foot cliff. The trauma resulted in an amputation to his right leg below the knee.

This was more than just a devastating loss; an avid outdoorsman and a logger by trade, it was a threat to James’ lifestyle and livelihood. But James wasn’t willing to give up the things that defined his life. His can-do attitude has been his greatest asset in regaining the life he nearly lost.

Now, over 20 years after the accident, James owns and operates two businesses: Tough Go Logging and Wild Montana Wood. Tough Go Logging contracts with the government and with private landowners for everything from thinning trees to help with fire safety, to commercial logging projects. They utilize state of the art equipment and the latest silviculture practices for maintaining sustainable forests. 
His second business, Wild Montana Wood, was started during the forest industry downturn. Located on Farm to Market Road, this business has an impressive log yard that sells a variety of log products, including firewood, logs for homes, and one-of-a-kind trees with unusual shapes that can be used as table bases or for decorative purposes.

On the home front, James looks forward to camping with his six children, four grandchildren and wife of 17 years in the summers, as well as fishing, canoeing and horseback riding. Every year, James and his hunting buddies make a trip to the Big Hole, where they consistently fill their tags (and he will be happy to show you the pictures to prove it).

James wears a below the knee prosthesis with an Ossur silicone suspension liner. His Flex Foot VSP shock absorbing foot is an asset when he jumps off logs or traverses uneven ground on the job.

How does he do it all? James’ own words sum it up best: “Never give up, and keep going forward.”
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