Lynn B.


Lynn B.

Lynn B. and her husband were enjoying a summer afternoon motorcycle drive in 2012 when they were hit by a drunk driver. The brutal accident resulted in a life-flight to Seattle where Lynn's left leg was amputated below the knee. She started her prosthetic training at Northern Care soon after.

Lynn has been motivated and dedicated on her road to recovery. Though the life of an amputee was forced on her, she's adapted with grace, embracing the online community and connecting with other amputees at home and all over the country. 

In 2013, her husband surprised her with a cruise vacation to Mexico and a waterproof prosthesis to wear on the trip. Since then they've enjoyed several exotic, watery vacations together.

In 2016, Lynn and her family traveled to Jamaica where Lynn hiked the famous Dunn's River Falls. Their guide commented that he's never seen anyone make the strenuous hike in a prosthesis before. Good on you, Lynn!
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