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Orthotics in Kalispell and Whitefish, MT

Our orthotic practitioners are skilled in fitting and fabricating a variety of orthopedic devices for the spine and upper and lower extremities.

Orthosis –
"A brace used to stabilize a specific joint(s) of the body that is in need of external reinforcement."



We fabricate a custom spinal brace known as a Thoracic Lumbar Sacrum Orthosis (TLSO), meaning that it covers the thoracic, lumbar and sacral regions of the spine. This brace is informally known as a “clamshell” or “turtle shell” brace. A physician will order it for a range of diagnoses including post surgical spinal repair, and it is fabricated, in-house, in 24 hours under rush circumstances. Because this brace is custom made, it is an intimate fit and does a good job of supporting an unstable spine. It is also easily adjustable.
Spine brace used for orthotics in Whitefish, MT


This custom brace is essentially the same as a TLSO, with the addition of a cervical (neck) brace attached to it. The CTLSO is prescribed for severe or multiple spinal injuries which include upper thoracic or cervical regions.

Jewett orthosis for the spine in Bigfork, MT
We stock these prefabricated spinal orthoses, and have a wide variety available on short notice.


A Jewett brace is a Thoracic Lumbar Sacrum Orthosis (TLSO) that is commonly prescribed for lower thoracic and lumbar spinal compression fractures. It is the gold standard for treating this type of spinal injury. The Jewett is very adjustable, easy to put on and take off, and the open frame design is well accepted by most patients.


A California Extension Orthosis (CEO) is also prescribed for compression fractures. Compared with a Jewett, it is a little easier to put on and adjust — it has Velcro and a very simple closure system — making it more acceptable to the geriatric population.


A Lumbosacral Orthosis (LSO), or “LSO corset,” is made of canvas with metal spinal stays. It offers good support when donned properly. An LSO fits easily under clothes and is often prescribed for patients with long-term needs and recent injuries. Unlike elastic supports, these braces come in a multitude of models and sizes. 


Our adult scoliosis orthoses are custom molded and fabricated here in our office. These low-profile braces are made of flexible plastic that provides enough support to elongate the spine without being uncomfortably rigid. They are effective in holding the rib cage in position above the pelvis, thereby minimizing pain, reducing spine curvature, and providing an average height increase of one-to-three inches.

Cervical collar for neck in Bigfork, MT


We stock a variety of cervical collars, most of which are molded to the patient. These are usually fit on short notice, but they are also fit pre-surgery to provide for post surgical care. These collars come in 15 sizes and have removable soft liners that are washable.  
Cervical collar for neck in Bigfork, MT
cranial remolding helmet in Bigfork, MT


We provide custom cranial remolding helmets for babies with head shape deformities such as plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and scaphocephaly. Helmets are usually required after “tummy time” and repositioning don't resolve the abnormal head shape.   


shoulder orthoses

Shoulder bracing needs vary a great deal from patient to patient. Several options are available, such as the gunslinger, airplane, and canvas styles for shoulder dislocation, subluxation injuries, and surgeries. The canvas style is very effective for sports injuries, and is designed to be worn under sports protective gear.

elbow orthoses

We stock elbow orthoses, often referred to as Range of Motion (ROM) elbow braces, that fit a wide variety of patients. These braces are prescribed for many different elbow and arm injuries, for patients who do not require surgery, and sometimes for post surgical care. Usually, the ROM hinges are adjusted to increase range of motion as the patient heals.

wrist gauntlets

We normally do not fit off-the-shelf wrist gauntlets, as they are stocked by local suppliers. However, in cases where the anatomical shape does not fit a standard size, we do make a custom-molded leather wrist gauntlet that is very supportive and comfortable. This brace is made from a cast of the patient’s arm.

fracture braces

Braces that provide compression to humeral, ulnar or radial fractures are available in both custom and “off the shelf” options as needed. 



The hip abduction brace is our most common hip brace. This brace limits flexion and helps keep the hip in a stable position. A physician prescribes this brace for chronic hip dislocations and for more complex hip problems.


The KAFO describes a large group of braces prescribed for patients who have significant issues with both their knee and ankle foot complexes. Each patient is evaluated and custom molded for these braces. There are numerous design options available for each patient. 
Knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) leg brace in Bigfork, MT


In most cases, patients’ needs are well met with prefabricated knee orthoses, which are ordered from manufacturers that specialize in knee braces. For those who do not fit the prefabricated sizing, custom knee braces are ordered, based on measurements and/or casting. A physician will prescribe a knee brace for ligament and knee injuries or osteoarthritis, amongst other diagnoses. 


We stock Range of Motion (ROM) knee braces. These quality ROM braces are easy to adjust as healing takes place.

Custom knee brace in Bigfork, MT

Custom ankle foot orthosis (AFO) leg brace in Bigfork, MT


We provide a wide range of custom AFOs. These braces are prescribed for patients who have short term and long-term need for correction or support to their ankle foot complex due to muscle weakness or ligament instabilities such as foot drop, mediolateral (side to side) ankle instabilities and knee instabilities. Our custom AFOs are made from a plaster model of the patient’s limb, giving special consideration to each patient’s unique needs. We also stock “off the shelf” AFOs for short term need and for children, who quickly outgrow such devices.  
Custom leather ankle foot orthosis (AFO) ankle gauntlet in Bigfork, MT


We evaluate and custom-mold patients for leather AFOs. The companies we work with specialize in fabricating AFOs that have plastic support sandwiched between layers of leather. This line of bracing, although somewhat harder to fit into shoes, offers real advantages for certain patients. Leather AFOs are well padded for patients with fragile skin, and the lace-up feature offers compression for maximum control. Compression has also been shown to benefit arthritic joints.   
Custom leather ankle foot orthosis (AFO) ankle gauntlet in Bigfork, MT
Custom leather ankle foot orthosis (AFO) ankle gauntlet in Bigfork, MT


We have fabricated a number of custom carbon composite AFOs with molded leather calf corsets that carry the patient's weight in the calf section to "unload" or take the weight off the ankle. This would be prescribed for a patient whose ankle is unable to bear weight due to trauma or a disease.
DBS triplanar ankle foot orthosis (AFO) in Bigfork, MT


Dynamic Bracing Solutions AFOs use cutting edge triplanar technology, controlling the foot and ankle in all three planes (transverse, frontal and sagittal). The AFO effectively compensates for muscles in the lower leg that are damaged or deficient from neuromuscular weakness or injury. It thereby stabilizes the foot and ankle in a biomechanically efficient alignment during the stance phase of gait and pick the toe up during the swing phase of gait.

CRO Walker (Charcot Restraint Orthosis)

This solid ankle orthosis is prescribed for patients with Charcot Joint, where the foot is at risk. Because of its maximum control, a CRO Walker can help stabilize the foot and allow it to heal. This brace has a thick, soft lining with a top that “clamshells” over the bottom. Because this brace is bulky, it comes with its own sole. 
Custom charcot restraint orthosis (CRO Walker) in Bigfork, MT


Braces that provide compression to tibial and femoral fractures are available in both custom and “off the shelf” options as needed.


We offer ankle-stabilizing boots that are ordered from a manufacturer that specializes in this design. Stability boots are sometimes prescribed after complicated and semi-complicated ligament injuries. Medial and lateral stabilizers are installed in the boot to prevent the ankle from tilting and twisting.


custom foot orthotic in Bigfork, MT
We fabricate foot orthotics in-house for a wide range of ankle and foot ailments. Each patient is individually evaluated, gait analyzed and foot molded. We make our custom foot orthotics from a semi-rigid material that is easily adjustable in our lab. The orthotics come with a soft, comfortable top cover that can be easily replaced as needed. 
Foot orthoticin Bigfork, MT.  We also have orthopedic services in Kalispell.
We typically like to fit children with prefabricated foot orthotics. There are many options available, and they are economical to replace as the child grows.   


We are a supplier for numerous orthopedic shoe companies. These shoes are ordered by the physician for such maladies as hammer toes, wide feet or severe swelling.

We also provide custom orthopedic shoes, which are necessary when the foot’s shape will not fit in an “off-the-shelf” shoe. Custom shoes have specific design features to accommodate each patient’s needs, and are made from a custom plaster mold of the patient’s feet. There are wide varieties of shoes available, from casual styles to work boots. Custom shoes take four to six weeks to fabricate.

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