Prosthetic Services


Here at Northern Care, our goal is to fit each patient with a prosthesis that is not only comfortable and well made, but also functional and customized to the individual’s specific needs.

As part of the rehabilitation team, our practitioners work alongside doctors and physical therapists, with a big-picture approach to patients’ physical and emotional well-being. Our practitioners are craftsmen, artists, problem solvers and clinicians; they give consideration to the patient’s lifestyle, activity level, and personal preferences before fabricating a completely personalized prosthesis that is suited to the individual.

Northern Care provides patients with prostheses suitable for activities of daily living (ADLs), water activities, running, skiing, rodeo, high activity/heavy duty use, and more. As far as we’re concerned, the sky’s the limit.

Each prosthesis we make is meticulously fabricated right here in our lab.

Prosthesis –
"A fabricated substitute for an external missing part of the body. It is custom designed to duplicate the look and function of the missing part."

Above Knee Prostheses

Northern Care creates prostheses for transfemoral, hip disarticulation, and hemipelvectomy amputations. Many socket suspension styles are available, and our practitioners are knowledgeable on a wide variety of prosthetic knee and feet components.

Below Knee Prostheses

Our practitioners are experienced in fitting prostheses for below knee amputations including partial foot, Symes, Chopart, transtibial and knee disarticulation. Many socket suspension styles are available, including pin/locking liners, suspension sleeves, lace-up corsets, and vacuum suspension. We have the resources to fit a wide variety of prosthetic feet, including the latest technologically advanced running feet.

Upper Extremity Prostheses

Our practitioners are skilled in fitting upper extremity prostheses for partial hands, transradial amputations, elbow disarticulations, transhumeral amputations, and even shoulder disarticulations and forequarter amputations. Many socket suspension styles are available. We have the capability to provide advanced technology such as myoelectric hands and elbows, and have a wide variety of terminal devices available, including mechanical hands, hooks, and specialized devices for hunting, sports, guitar playing, and more.

Post Amputation Care

Following an upper or lower extremity amputation, surgeons will order prosthetic supplies that aid in the healing process. About one week post amputation, Northern Care fits prosthetic shrinkers (sock shaped graduated compression garments) that reduce swelling in the residual limb and improve circulation. When the amputation is below the knee, we also create a custom semi rigid removable dressing (SRRD), made from a plaster impression of the limb. This padded plastic dressing is worn during waking hours to protect the amputation site.

Advanced Technology

Our practitioners are trained in evaluating and fitting cutting edge prosthetic technology, including the iLimb, C-leg, myoelectric arms and hands, microprocessor-controlled prostheses, and advanced feet and knee components.

Continuing Education

As ABC certified prosthetist/orthotists, our practitioners are sensitive to the rapid advancements in their field. They, along with our ABC certified technician, keep current in their education by attending professional association meetings and courses. Most recently, Doug has become actively involved in advanced bracing technology (triplanar AFOs and KAFOs), and Stan participated in a course on upper extremity prosthetic technology (myoelectric hands and arms).
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