Robert A.


Robbie H.

Robert, or Robbie "Hixs", as he’s known in his hometown of Browning, MT, has been a Northern Care patient since 2005, when he underwent several emergency amputations due to complications from diabetes.

But the loss of his left lower leg and part of his right foot hasn’t slowed Robbie down. His five children and 25 grandkids keep him active, as does his cowboy lifestyle. Robbie’s 300-acre ranch on the Rocky Mountain front is home to 50 head of horses. 

During the summers, he loads up his nine saddle horses and five packhorses for camping trips in the mountains. He also frequents a secret spot in the Boulder Creek area outside Bab where he dredges for gold, and he helps cut 14 cords of wood to heat two households in the winter.

Robbie is also involved with the Cowboys for Life foundation, a cause that’s been close to heart since he lost his wife to cancer.

On his left side, Robbie wears a total contact carbon composite acrylic socket that’s suspended by a silicone sleeve and a Coyote lock. The lock has an airtight seal and is waterproof. He uses a high performance Renegade shock and energy storing foot from Freedom. Robbie chose a camouflage finish for his socket, featuring his nickname emblazoned in bold lettering.

On his right side, Robbie’s partial foot prosthesis is integrated into his custom-made diabetic boot. The boot has special thermo-molded plastic in its sides to give him the extra support he needs in his foot and ankle. Most importantly to Robbie, though, the boots have a half-inch heel, allowing his feet to stay in the stirrups when he’s riding a horse.
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