“I have been using Northern Care since 1992 and enjoy the staff—they are always professional and helpful. They are like family to me. Doug always makes sure he is on the same page as my doctors.”

 – Deanne L.
“We were heavy hearted as we anticipated our first appointment at Northern Care. Doug and his team provided a warm and caring environment along with excellent and competent care. They facilitated a useful tool for our seven-year-old son. He now has the ability to shoot an arrow, dribble a basketball and swing a bat using his prosthetic.”

– Rodney & Heidi B.
“Northern Care is one of the best medical organizations I have used. They are very competent and care about their patients.”

 – Gregory H.
“Since losing both my legs ten years ago, I’ve used the best prosthetists. We’ve lived in four other states, but when we moved to Kalispell, I found the best ones of all, Doug and Stan. During the fitting, Doug attended to every detail, even my minor requests. Although my stumps swelled and shrank during the process, his final version fit. In fact, they conform so well to my stumps and feel so light that, for the first time, I can run! That’s been my dream for ten years. Since he’s fitted me, I’ve tested his promise that I can call him anytime to change the sockets as my legs change. He’s been there whenever I needed him. Now, I walk without thinking of my legs. Thanks, Doug.”

– Pam B.
“The AFO and shoe that I got at your company has made my life much more enjoyable. I am now able to walk with a cane and no longer use the wheel chair.”

– George B.
“Our son’s head was moderately to severely deformed. After only three months in one of Stan’s helmets, our son’s head looks great. Stan and the staff at Northern Care are great people doing a wonderful job. Thank you so much for your help and kindness.”

– Ben & Megan B.
“I would never pick another place for my orthotics. They’re personable, down to earth and yet professional.”

– Travis E. 
“Doug has worked very hard adjusting and readjusting a very difficult and challenging prosthetic. If it weren’t for his and his staff’s encouragement, I don’t know if I would have come as far as I have. Thanks everyone, I think you are all wonderful!”

– Joyce G.
“The whole staff was very friendly and professional. It felt like we had been good friends for a very long time, and I liked that. Stan was very knowledgeable and thorough.”

 – Samuel D.
“For the past six years, Northern Care has provided exceptional service for our child with special needs. Stan helped us make important decisions and worked hard to make our son comfortable in the office and through the excellent fit of his orthotics.”

 – James & Emily C.
“I’ve had Polio since 1956. Doug has helped me understand my needs now and in the future. I will go to Doug for a long time. He is the best! I’m proud to be #31 out of 9000 + [patients] … that means he’s great!”

– Michael O. 
“The staff and practitioners are very professional and courteous and really make you feel that your needs and concerns are as important to them as they are to you.”

– Renee R.
“I feel so safe and secure and absolutely trust Stan for everything!”

 – Patsy M.
“Doug and Stan are true professionals who helped me so much. They are also very personable and caring."

 – Christine T.
“I am impressed with the professionalism shown and workmanship on my prosthesis. All of the staff are very friendly and make one feel comfortable in the designing and fitting process. I highly recommend Northern Care.”

 – Gloria B.
“As our daughter calls him, “Dr. Doug” is personal, makes you feel respected, and goes way above to provide service for our family. He does what is best for our daughter and advocates for her in the tough medical world. We so appreciate Northern Care.”

 – Tamara H.
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