The Dogs of Northern Care


There's a new dog in town! Meet Scout Jack, Northern Care's newest office mascot. 
Doug and Lori adopted him in June 2015, at 6 weeks old, and just a few days later he started coming into the office with them. His puppy energy is a welcome addition to the office; the Northern Care family is pretty enamored with this furry little bundle of fun. He's a purebred Border Collie, and quite the charmer... we know you'll love him too! If you see him out playing in the yard, please stop by to say "Hi" (We do ask that you keep your interactions confined to the grassy areas of the yard as Scout is being trained not to leave our property).

Many of you know Northern Care as "the place with the dog," and wonder what happened to Tate, the yellow lab who "worked" at our office for 15 years. At almost 16, she was an old dog who lived a full and well-loved life. After enduring a few years of life without sight, hearing or smell, Doug and Lori let her pass with dignity and peace from this world in September 2014. She is dearly missed.
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