What to Expect


Here at Northern Care, we guarantee exceptional service to each and every patient. We also know, from servicing Northwest Montana for over 21 years, that open communication with our patients is the best avenue to a satisfied experience. 


Here’s what to expect from your experience at Northern Care: when you arrive at our office, our administrative staff will ask for a prescription written by your physician and for your current insurance information. They’ll also have some paperwork for you to fill out. We appreciate it when patients arrive 5-10 minutes early to take care of paperwork. Or, if you’d like to get a head start on these forms, you may complete the patient intake form online.

Bring With You

We recommend that you bring along any similar device(s) you’ve been fit with previously. If your complaint is related to your ankle, knee, leg or hip, we encourage you to wear loose clothing or bring a pair of running shorts with you. This will allow the practitioner to easily examine your lower extremities.

Online Intake Form


Northern Care welcomes all insurances, but we cannot guarantee coverage or benefits for our services. Please bring insurance card(s) and/or workman's compensation or auto claim information with you to your appointment. We will obtain prior authorization when necessary. We will bill your insurance direct.

Printable Intake Form

Our Financial Policy

Co-insurance is due on delivery of your device. Nothern Care, Inc. will bill your insurance company on your behalf. If there is any overpayment, you will be reimbursed promptly.

If the services are not covered by your insurance:
Payment for non-covered services, including co-payments and deductibles, are due in full on or before the date of delivery, unless other payment arrangements have been made, prior to services rendered.

If you currently do not have insurance:
Payment in full is due on or before the date of delivery, unless other payment arrangements are made.

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Our Fees

In addition to provision of the device, our fees include the initial evaluation, fabrication, fitting, and any follow up or adjustments necessary within the warranty period. 


Our warranty period is 90 days from the delivery date. In certain cases, your practitioner may extend the warranty. Some manufactured parts have a longer warranty period, which varies according to the manufacturer. If adjustments or repairs to your device are required once warranty has expired, we charge for labor in quarter hour increments.


We generally schedule three appointments for our orthotic services: an initial evaluation, a fitting and delivery appointment, and a follow up appointment. Prosthetic services involve more appointments in order to accommodate the intricate fitting process involved with prosthetic devices.

Initial Evaluations

At your initial evaluation, which is generally an hour long, you will meet face to face with one of our practitioners, who will first identify your personal needs and requirements. Your practitioner will take into account your lifestyle, the condition of your affected body part, your individual strengths and limitations, and your short and long term goals, and — working within the boundaries of your doctor’s order — he will recommend the device that best suits your personal needs. He may also cast and measure you during this appointment time. 

If we do not immediately outline the cost of service, we will call you with an estimate before your next appointment.

Fitting and Delivery

Fitting and delivery appointments are usually scheduled for an hour, about two weeks after your initial evaluation. During this appointment, your practitioner will test your new device on you, checking for comfort and function, and taking time to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. If you are being fit with foot orthotics, ankle foot orthoses or a lower extremity prosthesis, be sure to bring along the shoes you plan to wear with your device.

Co-insurance is due in full at this appointment, unless other payment arrangements have been made.

Follow Up

Follow up appointments usually last a half hour, about two weeks after your delivery appointment. By this time you will be more comfortable wearing your device and will have a better idea of any final adjustments needed.


A half hour consultation with one of our clinicians may be scheduled if you have general questions about a device or type of service to be provided. No doctor's referral is required for a consultation, but if we feel that you would benefit from our services after the consultation, we will ask you to see your doctor for a face-to-face evaluation.

Consultations are provided free of charge.
Call to schedule a free consultation

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